Ozone, the most powerful natural disinfectant.

Ozone is the most powerful natural disinfectant currently known, easily reaches the most hidden points eliminating up to 99.98% of impurities, also thanks to its high oxidizing power and sanitizing, is able to inactivate in a very short time (varying from a few seconds to a handful of minutes) any pathogenic agent, virus, mold, fungus and allergens, as well as break down odors, even those persistent. It is also extremely effective in the treatmentof water, both potable and other types (thermal centres, swimming pools, spas, etc.), purifying it of any biological, chemical or mineral contaminants and making it extraordinarily crystalline. This natural gas proves to be far more effectivethan any natural or synthetic product used for the same purposes. Want to know more about the viricidal effectiveness of ozone?

News from all over the world, confirm the disinfecting and viricidal efficacy of ozone, able to inactivate viruses and bacteria in a single treatment.

Where can it be used?

Hotel rooms, restaurants, bars, pizzerias, doctor's surgeries, veterinary surgeries, canteens, waiting rooms, offices, workplaces, apartments, boats, gyms, banks, shopping centres, holiday homes, B&Bs, nursing homes, beauty centres, laundries, shops, food storage warehouses, classrooms, cold rooms, tanks, schools, basements, etc.

How does it work?

Viruses can be inactivated through ozone, and bacteria destroyed, but only with professional generators capable of producing a minimum saturation of 2PPM for 30 minutes. A medical study on coronavirus and Sars in May 2003, confirms: "because of its special biological properties, it has theoretical and practical attributes to make it a viable candidate as a SARS virus inactivator through a variety of physicochemical and immunological mechanisms.